Dress Code

The Center’s Dress Code as outlined in the Personnel Handbook requires that employees are “neat and appropriately dressed in apparel suitable for an office environment.”

The Center’s Code of Ethics further outlines this requirement: “Staff shall maintain appropriate dress and attire in the professional environment and workplace in accordance with the agency’s rules and regulations.”

The following attire is deemed unsuitable and may not be worn to work:

  • No shorts or pants above the knee
  • No lowcut tops or revealing outfits
  • No fishnet stockings or lace pantyhose
  • No jewelry with explicit messages
  • No t-shirts
  • No mini-dresses
  • Skirts and dresses must be no more than two (2) inches above the knee.
  • Skirt or dress slits must not extend more than two (2) inches above the knee.
  • No head coverings (ex. hats, caps, and head scarves) unless authorized by the executive director
  • No clothing with “messages”
  • No jogging suits or sweat suits
  • No mules, flip flops, or slide shoes (shoe must have a strap on the back)

Jeans, jean skirts (no rips or tears), and tennis shoes may be worn only on days specially approved by the executive director

Each Friday, staff may wear jeans (no rips or tears), tennis shoes, and either a CBHC polo shirt or other workplace appropriate shirt (no t-shirts allowed)

Occupationaattire is Allowed

  • Nurses may wear medical scrubs and clogs or athletic shoes
  • Maintenance and janitorial staff may wear work clothes to include coveralls, denim shirts and trousers, jeans, athletic shoes, and boots
  • Food service staff may wear hair restraints, head coverings, aprons, trousers, jeans, athletic shoes, and boots

Staff members are required to follow the dress code at all times and failure to do so will result in the following disciplinary actions.

First violation– Check Redirection by direct supervisor

Second violation– Written warning and redirection by direct supervisor

Third violation– May result in suspension and or termination for any additional infractions

It is the responsibility of all direct supervisors to enforce this policy within their department. Failure to do so will result in the same disciplinary actions listed above for the direct supervisor.

Revised 2/7/2023