Mental Health and Addiction in Cahokia Heights

Cahokia Heights is a small town full of pride and with a rich historical heritage.the old Cahokia courthouse

Our friends and neighbors in Cahokia Heights enjoy caring for their families and exploring their community’s rich history.

Living with good mental health and without addiction is very important when it comes to maintaining a healthy personal and family life.

Addiction Treatment for Cahokia Heights

Every addiction is unique. Addiction treatment must be as unique as the individuals seeking treatment. As a result, we offer a wide variety of substance abuse programs including residential and outpatient options.

Outpatient Services

Consumers have a variety of options available to them when it comes to seeking outpatient treatment at The Center.

Screenings and assessments are often the first steps in the outpatient treatment process. Counseling services are offered to families, groups, and individuals.

Referrals to outside agencies are a key component of the outpatient program.

Intensive Outpatient Service

From substance use, to eating disorders, to depression, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are a popular treatment option for conditions that do not require detox or around-the-clock medical care.

An IOP allows consumers to get the care they need while being able to stick to major commitments such as family and work.

Sober Living in Cahokia Heights

Sober living is critical for anyone struggling with substance use, especially at the beginning of their journey. Having a safe and supportive environment helps you reduce temptation while building the skills necessary for staying sober.

ARTS House

The ARTS House is a bridge between a treatment program and reentering typical society.

Residents will regularly attend educational meetings and goalsetting sessions to help them work toward staying sober and reentering society.


SMARTS unit is a residential program to treat substance abuse, and chemical dependency.

Residents stay in a dormitory-style environment. Many residents will be able to freely leave the facility to go to work or to do other personal activities.

Mental Health Treatment in Cahokia Heights

Our friends and neighbors in Cahokia Heights deserve great mental health care. By providing residents of Cahokia Heights with excellent mental health treatment, we ensure that they have the opportunity to make the most of their mental health and live a fulfilling and prosperous life.

Residential Services

Chronic mental illness should not keep anyone from living as independently as possible. Supervised and supported residences allow consumers to live with independence and dignity while learning to cope with their mental illnesses.

Supervised Living

The supervised living program is designed for residents who require a maximum level of support to thrive on a daily basis.

Medication safety is a top priority. A licensed nurse is on-site to help each resident maintain safe medication compliance.

Supervised living provides residents with:

  • Assistance with basic financial planning
  • Help securing transportation
  • Connection to beneficial community resources
  • There is no limit on a resident’s length of stay

Supported Living

Residents are provided with varying levels of support allowing them to maximize their independence.

Assistance with job searching, pursuing education goals, and finding appropriate transportation is provided.

Requirements of the program include:

  • Residents must manage their own medications
  • Residents need to be able to maintain their finances independently
  • A source of income is required
  • There is no limit on the length of stay

Children and Adolescents

The children and adolescent program ensures children struggling with mental health challenges receive the care and support they need to build a prosperous future.

While traditional therapies and treatments are available, one of the most unique components of the adolescent program is prevention. Prevention in the adolescent program is done with intense community outreach to schools and other organizations impacting young people in the community.

Crisis support is available to children in need seven days a week.

If your life or the life of someone you know is impacted by substance abuse or behavioral health issues, call us at (618) 482-7330