Parenting For Success 

An unplanned pregnancy can be a stormy time for an individual at any age. It is especially difficult if you are a teenager.  

Parenting does not start the day your baby is born. It begins the moment you know you’re pregnant. 

Home visits and group programs can guide you out of the storm and create a future you’re excited about for your baby, yourself, and your family. 

Home Visits are Designed To: 

  • Add to the knowledge you already have about prenatal care and parenting before and after the baby arrives. 
  • Help you develop and utilize the resources in your community. 
  • Help you with your parenting and personal growth concerns throughout the first two years of your child’s life. 

Parenting Groups Provide Information and Support 

  • Led by a trained volunteer team of older moms who have experienced teen motherhood.  
  • Weekly sessions cover a variety of discussions, such as Child Development, Home Safety, and Parenting Skills. 
  • Develop plans and goals to build a successful future for your child and yourself.  

Food, transportation, and babysitting are provided for Parenting Group participants. 

Parenting for Success offers a rainbow of opportunities for St. Clair County teenagers ages 13 to 19 to help ensure a safe, healthy, and successful outcome for parents and their baby. 

If you or someone you know has found themselves trying to weather the teenage Parenting storm, Call us at: 618-482-7330 or email_.