September 2023

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Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center of St. Clair County Inc.

505 South Eighth Street  •  East St. Louis, IL  62201



 Joseph Harper

Executive Director

 Jonnie Barkley

Executive Secretary

 (618) 482-7330

 Brian Stewart

Chief Operating Officer

(618) 482-7630

 Dr. Lawrence Casey

Medical Director 

(618) 482-7630

 Mary Jackson

Quality Assurance

(618) 482-7337

 Shakira Dorsey

Human Resources Director

(618) 482-7381

 LT Nash

Building Manager

(618) 482-7633

 David McCosky

Inventory Specialist

(618) 261-7010

 Rachel Ball


(618) 482-7626

 Mary Neufeld-Wall

Tele-Health Manager

(618) 482-2574

 Rita Byrd

Therapy & Transition

(618) 482-7617

 Rena Vantreece

Child & Adolescent

(618) 482-7613

 Daryl Rice


Methadone Services

(618) 261-7041

 Gia Moore

Parenting for Success

(618) 482-7354

 Keonna Pittman

Food & Nutrition

(618) 261-7039

 Kelly Clemons

Housing Program

(618) 261-7616

Mike Nichols

Crisis Manager

(618) 261-7023

 Carla Ellis

Assistant Program Manager

(618) 482-8401

 Karen Jamison

Residential Services

(618) 274-6422

 Aubrey Yates

Fathers & Families

(618) 482-7348


Chaz Frankie giving the keynote speech at the recovery conference

Knowledge Is Power

This newsletter’s purpose is to share information about The Center’s people and activities, in each department and by each employee, in order to highlight the contributions made by all in helping The Center reach its goals. 


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Front Desk
(618) 482-7330

 Hours of Operation
8:00am – 5:00pm

Memo from Management

Construction of the CBHC Living Room will begin in the next few weeks. Living rooms provide a place for individuals suffering from a mental health crisis to visit and receive care instead of being placed in the ER.

Center staff are meeting with the ESTL Police Department and to determine how we may collaborate on service needs in the community.

CBHC has numerous employment positions available. If you know anyone who would be a good fit for The Center, check out our current positions on Indeed.

September’s Employee of the Month

Rachel Ball, is the Employee of the Month for September 2023.

Ms. Ball was nominated because of the outstanding work she did helping a client in dire need.

Rachel has also done an exceptional job when the nurse was out. Ms. Ball stepped up and filled in. In fact, she did triple duty, helping to train the new nurse while never missing a beat with her usual duties in her department.

Ms. Ball has always stepped in and assisted wherever she is needed. She is truly an asset to The Center.

Her work ethic and pleasant personality are always genuinely appreciated

Thank You!!

A big thank you to Keonna, Chris, and Girtha for the tasty chili we all enjoyed on Friday.

Not only did the kitchen team provide us with a wonderful treat on Friday, they are there for us every day making sure our consumers and staff have magnificent meals to enjoy.

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Recovery Conference

Our 2023 recovery conference was a HUGE SUCCESS. Most of those in attendance had only wonderfully positive things to say.

We’d like to send out a huge and heartfelt thank you to each and every member of the CBHC family who made the event an excellent experience!

Recovery in the LGBT Community

Community wellness came through in the clutch to make this workshop wonderful. This phenomenal workshop and talk taught what recovery feels like in the LGBT community, and how to help and member of the LGBT community during recovery.

Wellness from the Ground Up

This wonderful workshop was taught by Cindy Matthew. We learned how to keep trauma from interfering with your recovery and wellness. Cindy even provided actionable steps everyone in attendance could use to improve their wellness while in recovery.

Keynote From Chaz Frankie

Chaz gave a wonderful and captivating keynote speech where the audience learned how to use self-care while recovering. His talk also covered why recovery is important and how to incorporate recovery into your daily routines

Relapse Prevention

Our very own Daryll Rice captivated the audience as he taught relapse prevention and how to develop a Relapse Prevention Plan. The objective was to teach individuals in the early stages of their recovery how to identify potential triggers that lead to relapse.

New Arrivals at Parenting for Success

Parenting for Success wants to give a big welcome to their new teammates and a big round of applause to a teammate who is rising through the ranks here at The Center.

Let’s hear it for (from left to right) Amara Jordan – Home Visitor, – Taylor Shy, New Coordinated Intake Worker – DeAundra Tunstall, Home Visitor!

We thank Gia and the lovely ladies of Parenting for Success for letting us know what’s going on with their team.

On behalf of all of The Center, we’d like to extend a warm, joyful welcome to the newest members of the CBHC family.

 September’s Birthdays

Wishing a BIG happy birthday to all of those in the CBHC family!

Carla Ellis
Thomas Wood
Andrew Bertolucci
Carolyn Ellerson-Nichols
Rita Byrd
Beverly Lacy
Jimmie Lockett
Andrea Rucker
 Andrew Bailey
(Board Member)


 Who’s New


Victor Barrios
FEMA  Crisis Worker
Amara Jordan 
FEMA  Crisis Worker
Mikeshia Moore
Fema Crisis Data Collector
Angelica Haynes
Therapeutic Aide
Deanna Kelsay
Peer Support Specialist
Erikca Walters
FEMA  Crisis Worker
DeAundrea Tunstall
Parent Educator
Krysty Walton
Crisis Worker
Mikeshia Moore
FEMA Crisis Data Collector
Sherry Burns
Therapeutic Aide
Donna Lindsey
Counselors Aide
Quentin Barry
Counselors Aide
Tereka Clark
Counselors Aide
Shawanda Lumpkins
Case Manager
Paris York,
FEMA Crisis Counselor
  Carlene Tucker

FEMA Crisis Worker



Poet’s Corner

September’s poem was submitted by Kenya Hooper from the drop-in center. It was composed by Helen Keller.
It is truly inspirational to see such a beautiful, relatable poem was composed by someone who interacted with the world in a way completely foreign to all but a few throughout history.

In the Garden of the Lord

The word of God came unto me,
Sitting alone among the multitudes;
And my blind eyes were touched with light.
And there was laid upon my lips a flame of fire.

I laugh and shout for life is good,
Though my feet are set in silent ways.
In merry mood I leave the crowd
To walk in my garden. Ever as I walk
I gather fruits and flowers in my hands.
And with joyful heart I bless the sun
That kindles all the place with radiant life.
I run with playful winds that blow the scent

Of rose and jessamine in eddying whirls.
At last I come where tall lilies grow,
Lifting their faces like white saints to God.
While the lilies pray, I kneel upon the ground;
I have strayed into the holy temple of the Lord.

Crossword Puzzle

The first person who submits the most correct answers to the front desk will receive a ticket for a free lunch. Hard copies are available at the front desk.

August’s Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

Pet Connection

Meet Hayden Ellis'(Mobile Crisis Responder) clowder of cats: Nox, Smoreo, and Auggie.

They like to play in the sink and attack Hayden’s legs. They also like to climb Christmas trees and other things they shouldn’t touch.

These crazy kittens recently locked Hayden out of the house by knocking over a board and wedging it between the door and the wall. Thankfully, Hayden got in. It could have been a cat-astrophe! laughing

Center Stage: Nutrition Services

Nutrition services, or more commonly referred to as our heroes in the kitchen. Keonna Pittman and Chris Rhodes know a hungry workplace is not a happy workplace. Whether you look forward to the chicken wings, Friday’s fish sandwich or you just realized you forgot lunch, our dynamic culinary team is always there with a tasty meal to make each day a little better.

But this terrific, tasty treat trio doesn’t just keep everyone fed for lunch and bail us out when we forget our lunch box at home. They cook all the meals for SMARTS and ARTS. Not to mention, they categorize and deliver the food to our residential programs.

Who could forget, the holiday and special occasion luncheons!

Keonna is the kitchen leader. Armed with a degree in culinary arts, serious skill in the kitchen, and a can-do attitude she plans menus, keeps the kitchen running smoothly, and the meals coming. Her favorite part of being the Kitchen Commander is interacting with many different members of the Comprehensive family each and every day.

Christopher Rhodes has been a rocksteady employee of The Center for 3 years. He makes sure our consumers stay over the weekends are well fed and ready for success. Preparing food is his passion. He knows enjoying a meal is a visual treat as well. It’s his goal to make every meal he serves look great and taste even better.

Girtha Anderson is the most tenured member of our kitchen heroes and has continually been someone we can all count on in the kitchen.

We extend a tremendous thank you to our Kitchen Crusaders for all they do for not only CBHC employees but also the consumers who are most in need.

And I don’t know about you, but I for one am already looking forward to the holiday feast.

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